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Lisa's long awaited CD is here!

"2009 was a tad disappointing for me, musically, until the late-in-the- year release of Lisa Bigwood's "Intrepid". Multi-layered, it just gets richer and deeper on each listening. One of the most challenging in a genre-defying trio of three albums from an artist who hikes her own trail." Mike Burke, Anchorage, AK

“Intrepid” CDs are available through CD Baby. Downloads of single songs and/or the entire CD are available for purchase. Just in time for the holidays!


1. Drive
2. Words
3. These Days
4. Sister Tiger
5. Expectation Machine
6. Cats in the Woodpile
7. Cold Mountain River
8. Stay
9. Iris and Rose
10. Mountain Man
11. What It Takes

Lisa Bigwood - like no one else

All of these are original songs written by Lisa except "Livin' on a Budget" by Lisa Bigwood and Tom Gruning.

Like No One Else

1. Backwoods Woman
2. I Wish I Knew
3. Carolina
4. Makin Jam
5. Waltz With Me Joe
6. Livin' on a Budget
7. Seems Like Another Life
8. The Ballad of Charlie Asher
9. Whiskey Joy
10. Spruce Top Blues
11. More Jam
12. Angel Face
13. Love's Not Made

Lisa Bigwood - like no one else

currently unavailable


1.Woodland Band
2. Mama's Shoes
3. Goodnight Baby
4. Guardian
5. Bad Memory
6. No Shame
7. Saturday Night
8. Dear Marlene
9. Solitary Child
10. The Ghost of Amy Brown
11. Green River

currently unavailable


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